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Curry and rice
Tandoori dish
Starter dish

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Tandoori Dishes

All Tandoori dishes are marinated with herbs and spices and then barbecued in the Tandoori.

Tandoori Chicken (Half) £11.55

Fresh chicken marinated in yoghurt with delicate herbs and spices, barbecued over flaming charcoal on skewers.

Chicken / Lamb Tikka (Dry) £10.95

Diced boneless chicken / lamb mildly seasoned and cooked over charcoal on skewers..

Chicken / Lamb Shaslik £12.95

King Prawn Shaslik £19.95

Savoy Special Mix Grill £16.95

Tandoori mixed dish, containing Tandoori Chicken, Sheek Kebab, Lamb and Chicken Tikka.

Tandoori King Prawn £19.95

King size prawn marinated and spiced, cooked over charcoal on skewers.

Chicken Tikka Wrap £9.80

Sheek Kebab Wrap £9.80

Chef’s Specials

Chef Miah’s Special – £20.95

Marinated Chicken Tikka pieces with onions, fresh coriander, garlic and ginger topped scrambled fried egg, red peppers, green peppers, onions and rice.

Local Award Winning Dish!

Chicken / Lamb Tikka Masala £10.95

Pieces of spring chicken or lamb marinated in yoghurt, herbs and spices and barbecued in Tandoor and cooked in Masala sauce

Murugh Makhoni £12.95

Boneless spring chicken cooked with mango, coconut, almond, sultana and cashew.

Murugh or Gosth Takari £12.95

Chicken or lamb cooked with red onions, fresh green pepper and Bengal spices.

Lahori Jall Machli £14.95

Slices of fish cooked with tomatoes, dry chillies and spring onions.

Taba (Chicken / Lamb) £12.95

Pieces of chicken or lamb with aromatic spices in a tangy sauce, served sizzling!

Chicken Pasanda £12.95

Mildly spice with creamy sauce with onions.

Lamb Zafrani £12.95

Highly spiced succulent slices of lamb with Aloo Pakora, garnished with bay leaf and cinnamon stick.

Lamb Shish Curry £13.95

Lamb mince cooked in a clay oven with fresh garlic, green pepper, red pepper, onion mayonnaise, tomato and coriander.

Bangladeshi Specialties

Shatkora £12.95

Small chunks of chicken or lamb with Bangladeshi lemon.

Dim Bhuna £10.95

Boiled eggs cooked in a medium sauce with fresh herbs and spices for an authentic Bengali taste.

Bangladeshi Catfish £15.95

Catfish fried and cooked in a spicy sauce with fresh green chillies, tomatoes and coriander.

Chicken or Lamb Khodu £12.95

Bottle Gourd cooked in a medium spiced sauce with fresh garlic, coriander, tomatoes and bay leaf.

Savoy Specials

Jool Ginger £15.95

King prawns marinated in honey, chilli and yoghurt, simmered in coconut milk and ground fresh spices, finished with cashew nuts.

Murugh Dhai Turka £12.95

Tender breast of chicken marinated in yoghurt, crushed black pepper and fresh mint, finished with caramelised red onion.

Turka Ghosth £12.95

Strips of succulent tender lamb marinated in mint, chilli and lime juice, simmered with bay leaf and topped with caramelised tomatoes and fresh mint.

Machli Tarana £15.95

Fresh salmon fillets marinated in chilli, garlic and ginger, pan fried then simmered in a light orange sauce.

Butter Chicken £12.95

Marinated chicken in a smooth creamy sauce.

Murugh Masala £13.95

Chicken cooked with mince meat, eggs and fresh coriander.

Lamb Seekh £13.95

Lamb with garlic, onions, red peppers, green peppers and fresh coriander.

Biryani Specials

All Biryani dishes are cooked with Basmati Pilau rice and served with vegetable curry.

Vegetable Biryani £11.95

Chicken / Lamb Biryani £12.95

Chicken / Lamb Tikka Biryani £13.95

Savoy Special Mix Biryani £16.95

A mix of chicken, lamb, prawns and mushroom cooked with Basmati rice, cumin, garlic and finished with a fried onion topping.

Prawn Biryani £13.95

King Prawn Biryani £15.95

Chicken & Mushroom Biryani £12.95

Balti Specials

Chicken / Lamb Balti £11.95

Chicken / Lamb Tikka Balti £13.95

Savoy Special Mix Balti £16.95

A mix of chicken, lamb, prawns and mushroom cooked in our special Balti sauce.

Prawn Biryani £13.95

King Prawn Balti £15.95

Traditional Curries

Traditional curries made from chicken, vegetables, lamb, meat or king prawn.


Very mild cooked with coconut powder, cream and fresh herbs.


Mild flavoursome dish cooked with pineapple and cream.


Medium spiced thick sauce with fresh coriander


A fairly thick curry cooked with onions, green pepper, tomatoes and coriander.


Pimentos, garlic, peppers and onions garnished with tomatoes and coriander.


A maximum quantity of onions seasoned with fresh herbs and spices.


Sweet and sour sauce cooked with fresh green pepper, onion and chillies.


Fairly hot, sweet and sour curry with addition of lentils.


Hot curry strongly flavoured with lemon juice


Very hot curry strongly flavoured cooked with potatoes and fresh coriander.


Very, very hot and spicy, one of the hottest.


Medium spiced cooked with spinach and fresh garlic.


A medium spicy sauce with fresh tomatoes and lemon.


Fairly hot, cooked with onions, mixed peppers, topped with coriander and green chillies.


Cooked with Naga Chilli sauce with onions and tomatoes.


Asian style hot curry garnished with fresh green chillies.


Medium spiced dish cooked with fresh garlic.

For your curry, then please choose from one of the following…

Vegetable £9.50

Chicken £10.50

Chicken Tikka £12.40

Lamb Tikka £12.50

Meat £10.80

Prawn £12.80

King Prawn £14.50


Plain Poppadom £0.90

Spicy Poppadom £0.90

Chips £3.20

Spicy Chips £5.60

Fried chips with red chilli mayonnaise, tomato, ketchup, spring onion and salt.

Chicken Nuggets & Chips £6.50

Kids portion

Omelette & Chips £6.50

Kids portion

Raita Yoghurt £2.10

Cucumber and onions.

Salad £1.50

Pickle Tray £3.20

Mango chutney, mint sauce, lime pickle and tamarind sauce.

English Dishes

All English dishes served with chips.

Plain Omelette £6.80

Chicken Nuggets £9.40

Chicken Omelette £9.40

Chicken & Mushroom Omelette £9.40

Boneless Fried Chicken £9.40

Onion Omelette £7.80

Cheese Omelette £9.40

Cod Fish £9.40

Vegetable Side Dishes

Saag Paneer £5.95

Spinach and cheese.

Bhindi Bhajee £5.95

Fried okra.

Mixed Veg Curry £5.95

Brinjal Bhajee £5.95

Fried aubergine.

Vegetable Bhajee £5.95

Aloo Chana £5.95

Saag Aloo £5.95

Chana Masala £5.95

Mushroom Bhajee £5.95

Saag Bhajee £5.95

Fried spinach.

Motter Paneer £5.95

Peas with cheese.

Matka Hariaii £5.95

Chickpeas and potatoes cooked with lentils, garlic and ginger.

Gobi Bhajee £5.95


Mumbai Potatoes £5.95

Tarka Dal £5.95

Aloo Gobi £5.95

Naan, Roti & Rice

Plain Naan £3.20

Garlic Naan £4.10

Peshwari Naan £4.10

Keema Naan £4.10

Cheese Naan £4.10

Kulcha Naan £4.10

Chilli Naan £4.10

Garlic Chilli Naan £4.10

Paratha £4.10

Keema Paratha £4.30

Chapati £2.20

Tandoori Roti £3.20

Garlic & Cheese Naan £4.10

Savoy Special Naan £4.30

Stuffed with chicken, potatoes and onions.

Pilau Rice £3.30

Boiled Rice £3.20

Special Rice £4.30

Egg Rice £4.10

Mushroom Rice £4.10

Lemon Rice £4.10

Onion Fried Rice £4.10

Vegetable Rice £4.10

Keema Rice £4.10

Coconut Rice £4.10

Garlic Rice £4.10

Pineapple Rice £4.10

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Curry and rice
Tandoori dish
Starter dish
Savoy Tandoori

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